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Period products for Sports Clubs and Schools

Support and encourage girls in education and sport!

At FabLittleBag, we believe that periods should not be a barrier to women and girls participating in sports. Research, including insights from Sports England, highlights that periods contribute significantly to the exodus of teenage girls from sports. Periods can be unpredictable, and incidents like being "caught short" or experiencing leaks due to inadequate changing facilities can lead to embarrassment and discomfort, resulting in some girls feeling unwelcome and even leaving the sport altogether. The lack of suitable facilities and taboo surrounding period talk further exacerbates the issue.

We're committed to changing this narrative and fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for women and girls in sports.

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Why choose fablittlebag

Simple and Effective: 
FabLittleBag, a British invention, an opaque, sealable bag that ensures good hygiene. It's a simple yet effective solution for sanitary disposal.

Support to female players & athletes: Provide support with vital products that will help them focus on performance, keep their head in the game and feel supported. Keeping drains clear and oceans clean:
Keep your plumbing clear and reduce the likelihood of blockages caused by flushed period products. Bin facilities are not always provided, functional, or clean at clubs with FabLittleBag girls everywhere can always bin used products with discretion.

Cleaner cubicles:
Say goodbye to messy bins and cubicles. FabLittleBag makes disposal easy for girls to manage their period while on or off the pitch, court or field, creating a positive & relaxed environment for what can be a stressful uncomfortable time for women in sport.

Amy Humphries

Content Creator / Presenter / Rugby Player

"FabLittleBag are super useful! So many times I've been caught out with no sanitary bins in toilets and this just gives you reassurance that you always have somewhere to them. Love that you always have somewhere for them. Love that they're sustainably sourced too!"


Ex-GB Netballer Team Captain

“FabLittleBag should be packed alongside your sanitary product of choice always!”


800 metre Olympian

“FabLittleBag is extremely convenient, handy and discreet”


Ex-England and Harlequins Rugby Player

“Making sure that regardless of the state of the facilities, we can change and dispose of our products is a big deal!”

Now you can be Period Supportive!

Support women and girls at your club with FREE period products alongside FabLittleBags for easy, convenient & responsible period product disposal so they can keep thier head in the game, focus on performance and feel fab for their environmental conscious.


support women & girls In sport

We're all about levelling the playing field and smashing those barriers that hold female athletes back. With our discreet and convenient products, we're here to fuel the fire within women and girls on their sporting journey to make all clubs period supportive.

Sign up now, and rock the world as a united front of Period Supportive Clubs. Game on!

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listen to your female players

“Period management is one of the largest reasons for missing training & leaving sports for women & girls. Feeling understood and supported by coaches and clubs is an essential part of the solution.”

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